Economic Events: FAQs

When do you update the data?

Immediately a change has been identified and confirmed.

When should I expect to receive a delivery?

Deliveries are sent on all publication days by 11am New York time. We also issue intra-day updates as necessary, including on weekends. Non-publication days can be found here.

How do you treat subsequent releases of a particular event?

Each iteration (e.g. preliminary, final, etc) is assigned a number based on chronological order, with the first iteration assigned 1, followed by 2, 3 and so on.

How can I differentiate between official and projected dates/times?

A one-letter code indicating the status of the associated date(s)/time(s) is provided in the main data file. It contains either “O” (for “official”, meaning that the date(s) and time(s) have been officially announced by the sponsor), “D” (for date-only, meaning that the date(s) but not the time(s) have been officially announced), or “P” (for “projected”, meaning that both the dates(s) and time(s) are our projection based on the sponsor’s practices).

How can I convert across time zones?

You don’t have to. We present the data in any common standard of your choice (e.g. London time, Universal Time, etc.).

What if I need an economic event that you do not cover?

We will develop the necessary data.

May I order more events in the future?

You may add new events at any time. Your contract gives you a guaranteed cost and is designed to make it very easy.

Are the formats guaranteed?

Yes. We guarantee that your format will never, ever change (except at your request).

Is customer support free?

Yes. We provide unlimited, free informational support to all customers.

Can I cancel the contract?

Yes. You can cancel for any reason, at any time, with five days’ notice.