Economic Events: Formats

To download a sample file, click here. The sample is in Excel for ease of inspection; for live feeds, we offer csv or txt.

The sample file shows data for the last six months of 2019 for four events, with the times expressed in the local time of each event and in Universal Time (abbreviated as “GMTT”).

The logic is that there is one record for each iteration of each episode of each event.

The first column contains the Swaps Monitor-assigned five-letter code for the event, followed by the country, name of the event and sponsor in the second, third and fourth columns respectively.

In the fifth column is a textual description of the episode.

The sixth column shows if an episode has more than one iteration and contains a textual description thereof (e.g. “Preliminary”, “Final”, “Full”, “Advance”, etc). This field is empty unless there are multiple iterations.

The seventh column is an integer representing the chronological iteration of the episode.

The eighth column contains a one-letter code indicating the status of the associated date(s)/time(s). Contains either “O” (for “official”, meaning that both the date(s) and time(s) have been officially announced by the sponsor), “D” (for “date-only”, meaning that the date(s) but not the time(s) have been officially announced) or “P” (for “projected”, meaning that both the dates(s) and time(s) are our projection based on the sponsor’s practices).

We offer numerous variations on this layout. To discuss the available options, please contact us.

In addition to this file, you will receive a number of supporting files, including full technical specifications.