Trading Hours: FAQ

When do you update the data?

Immediately a change has been identified and confirmed.

When should I expect to receive a delivery?

Deliveries are sent daily by 11am New York time. We also issue intra-day updates as necessary.

How can I identify early closes?

There is a field called “Irregular” that flags all occasions when a market departs from its regular hours of operation, whether due to an early close, a late open, a system crash, etc.

What about randomized opens and closes?

By definition, it’s impossible to predict the exact time when trading will open or close at markets that randomize. However, we do know the earliest and latest possible times, and we include this time range in your data.

Is there a way to identify new trading hours?

Yes. We provide a field that flags the first days on which new trading hours are in effect.

How do you incorporate holidays?

In the files we deliver to customers, there is one row (record) for every trading session. If there is no data for a given date, you can impute that it must be either a holiday or a weekend. As an alternative, you can determine the holidays directly from our Holiday data—we provide all the necessary mappings.

How can I convert across time zones?

You do not have to. We present the data in any common standard of your choice (e.g. London time, Universal time, etc.).

What if I need a market that you do not cover?

We will develop the necessary data at no extra charge.

May I order more markets in the future?

You may add new markets at any time. Your contract gives you a guaranteed cost and is designed to make it very easy to do so.

Can you customize the data format?

We offer a vast number of format options. However, if you need a format that we do not offer, we can create it for you. Depending on the amount of work, there may be an additional charge.

Can I switch to a different format?

Yes. You can switch between our standard formats at any time and at no extra charge.

Are the formats guaranteed?

Yes. We guarantee that the formats will never, ever change (except at your request).

Is customer support free?

Yes. We provide unlimited, free informational support to all customers.

Can I cancel the contract?

Yes. You can cancel for any reason, at any time, with five days’ notice.