Trading Hours: Features

We are the vendor of choice for customers who require the most accurate trading hours data.

From NYSE trading hours to National Stock Exchange of India, from JSE Securities Exchange trading hours to B3, our coverage extends to every corner of the world.

Features include:

  • Stock market trading hours
  • Futures trading hours
  • Commodity market trading hours
  • Early closes and trading halts
  • Open and close times for all sessions
  • Flagging of modified trading hours
  • Over 260 exchanges worldwide
  • Forward data out to 2200
  • Customer-specified window of time
  • Extensive history
  • Maximum granularity
  • Rigorous accuracy standards
  • Intensively researched and maintained
  • Daily deliveries
  • Intra-day updates
  • Free informational¬†support
  • Flexible formats
  • Guaranteed format stability
  • Fully adjusted for holidays
  • Time zone conversions
  • T+ settlement window
  • Battle-tested disaster recovery arrangements

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